What is Sous Vide? A Wonderful Immersion Cooker

Sous vide

Sous vide is an immersion cooker that heats a water bath to a constant temperature. As cooking can be simplified as the application of heat into food, we use this tool to apply the exact amount of heat into food to ensure we never overcook a meal again.

Just add ingredients into a freezer back or vacuum bag, submerge it in the water bath, and wait for this slow cooker to do its magic!

What Foods is Sous Vide Good For?

As with all cooking tools, sous vide has its sweet spots- namely proteins like steak, roasts, and fish. If you want a perfectly cooked medium-rare steak at 130 °F, set your sous vide to 130 °F, let the steak go for a few hours, and then finish with a quick sear on a cast iron or grill for added flavor. The temperature setpoint of the sous vide ensures you never overshoot your target and results in repeatable cooks time and time again.

But beyond this, sous vide has an array of applications it can be used for including making vegetables, infusions, and even desserts! Need inspirations? We love the cookbook Sous Vide at Home!

Sous Vide steak

What Do You Need to Sous Vide?

To get started, you really only need a sous vide, a large stockpot (which you likely already own), and zippable freezer bags. But over time, you may find that some accessories may be necessary, namely:

As with all purchases, ensure your vessel is compatible with the model of sous vide you pick up!

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